Get a life

MEVIT 2800 Metoder i medievitenskap

UiO Høsten 2008

“Get a life”

World of WarCraft. How much time is spent?


Torgeir Frøystein

11. desember 2008



Do players of World of WarCraft actually have a life?

World of WarCraft, WoW, is the most
successful online role playing game ever, with 11 million players worldwide. It
also has a reputation of being time consuming and addictive. I am not going
into the game mechanics involved making it like this, but rather point you to
an article on to delve into the matter:

As for the title: “Get a life”, this is the usual in game comment on
someone taking the game way too seriously or obviously spending too much time

The game was released in Europe almost 4
years ago, and a lot of the players have been playing the game for the entire
duration, we can actually refer to this as a gaming career with certain
correctness. I have, admittedly, been playing this game myself for all this
time. At the time it was both a matter of interest in a, to me, new kind of
game, but also an academic interest in something me and a friend suspected to
go mainstream at about that time. I have at times spent way too much time on
this, but all in all it is a past time I cherish, and choose mainly over

With this survey I wanted to show that WoW
players are more diversified than usually portrayed in media, as a nerd that
spends his whole life on this game, but more like a normally active person that
practices this hobby alongside other hobbies. Considering it a hobby, it also
gives us an opportunity to see it in perspective to other hobbies, more
accepted in our society as a whole.

I wanted to find out how much time WoW
players spent on their hobby, why they were playing the game, and if they had
other hobbies. I was hoping to find that for the most part WoW players are
normal people with normal lives and normal past times, and not only addicted
nerds living in the basement of their parents home. As this resent article on
BBC online,,

even the ones treating the addicts are questioning the term addiction on
someone playing too much WoW.

I am considering this a pilot for a master
paper. It is also a paper foremost in method, so I will not linger much with
the results as I will be with the reliability, validity and interpreting
of them.

Getting respondents

I did try to get help from Blizzard on
completing this, contacting their university relations department, but I got no
answer from them.

To get to my respondents I made a post on
the official World of WarCraft forums, I put it
in the off topic section, wich was the place with less concern of being removed
by moderators.

I had to put in some attention to this
thread to keep it in the top of the forum by posting regularly. By the end of
the week I had 178 respondents, with 133 full answers, and 45 not completed.
This is rather low concerning the numbers of users, but will give me some clue
towards the goal of this survey. The number of respondents is manageable
though, which gives me the opportunity to look at single results.

As a group, these responders are among the
ones with more than average interest in the game, but as for play time they
should count as a reasonably average group among the players. Using the net to
get responders will pull the trolls out. Trolls are a group of people joining and
participating in online forums just to make havoc in the community. Looking
through the survey manually showed a good deal of this behavior:

Fake e-mails

Too large numbers. 250 is not a valid answer on
time played yesterday

Comments on my intellectual capacity

The survey was made using Limesurvey,, an open source survey tool that works from my
website. It was a rather straight forward install, and making a survey was not
very difficult either. I still should have put in some more time at learning
the tool as I had problems using it to its full potential. The online report
tool works very well, making it very easy to interpret the results. It is also
possible to export it to a spreadsheet, appendix 4. This was a very
extensive tool, ending up being limiting because I didn’t have the time for the
steep learning curve involved. If repeated later I would have to put more
effort into this.

This was clearly limiting as I wasn’t able to make correct multiple choice
value input fields and had to make them free text input.

The first results showed that there was
rather easy to end up with results that didn’t belong. I ended up with numbers
to high to be correct, higher than 24 in a 24 hour period among others. I first
suspected someone was sabotaging, but on closer inspection there was not one
single user that did this. The filtering tools took care of this. Giving the
users multiple choices within the range of the data is a better choice. The
free text input worked rather well, but in a larger scale those answers would
be unmanageable. Spending more time and effort on making these into multiple
choice questions would be time well spent.

After filtering out the responders with the
obviously wrong answers I was left with 88 out of 133 responders, 66.17% of the
total of 178.

The survey was made one week after the new
expansion was released (Wrath of the Lich King, 13. November 2008) This may
have caused the play time to be somewhat higher than normal, but the alternative
of getting the survey out before expansion would probably have caused
significantly lower numbers, because at this time in a games life span, the
players will not see the point in pursuing goals that will be obsolete after
the expansion.

About the responders

12-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-40 41+
19.32% 60.23% 10.23% 5.68% 4.55% 0

Among these are 11.36% female, 73.86%
single and 72,73% in school or higher education. The majority among them have
1-3 in game characters at highest level, 70 at the time of the survey. Some of
them play every day (38.64%) but most play 4-6 days a week (51.14%). We see
that the majority of players are in the 16-20 age group. This group is probably
the most reliable and valid among them, because of the sheer numbers of

The respondents are not evenly distributed among European countries. Scandinavia
and England seems overrepresented, this is probably because of a high
implementation of home computers and broadband, as well as other traditions
regarding social life and the importance of the home environment. This is pure
speculation though.

Some of the questions about the game and interests in the game are mostly there
to gain the trust of the community. Showing them I have insight in the game
mechanics and being identified as “one of them” is important to get
honest answers.


There is an in game function that measures
the time you spend on each of your characters. I tried implementing this, but
it ended up useless. For several reasons:

This was where I lost most of the responders.
Even if it was stated in the forum post, and on the opening page of the survey,
when asked about this information, I lost them. Probably due to the extra
hassle in obtaining this information.

Some of the responders posted in the forum
thread that they had given an estimate on that question. I have therefore not
given this question any interest.

There were also some obviously wrong answers
here as well.

Average playtime.

Andel fjernsynsseere og minutter brukt til
fjernsynsseing en gjennomsnittsdag,etter ulike befolkningsgrupper, tid og statistikkvariabel*
Minutes used at viewing television
Personer 9-15 år 120
Personer 16-24 år 140
Personer 25-44 år 138
Personer 45-66 år 165

*kilde: Average, all 152 minutes

An average Norwegian spends 2 hours, or more, in front
of the television every day. An average WoW player spends a little more, 3.45
hours. estimated by the players themselves.  There is about a half hour
difference between estimated average, and the average value of: “How much
did you play yesterday,” 2.97 hours. I think the “yesterday” is
a more reliable indication of how much time is spent on the game than the
players own estimate of it. As such, the numbers given here are much more
consisten as well, not showing the kind of variation the other questions do.
The players think they spend more time with the game than they actually do, but
they do spend more time playing than the average Norwegian spends watching TV.

Average playtime in different age groups.

With age comes moderation, or at least that
is what i suspected. Let’s have a look at play time in the different age

12-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 +
4.5 h 5.22 h 5.55 h 5.44 h
Play time,
own estimate
3.17 h 3.33 h 3 h 5.11 h
Avg play
time from “yesterday”
2.55 h 2.8 3.44 h 4.11 h

*I put these two groups together because of the small
size of them the group is still too small to be of use, group was kept for

Wich proves me wrong. As with television
average time spent goes up with age, but own estimate of play time compared to “played
yesterday” grows nearer to each other or stays more or less the same. The older
responders are closer to what we would call hobbyists, as the younger have this
as a past time among other past times. They do not have a good perception of
the time spent though, probably comparing it with much less enjoyable chores as
home-, house,- and part time work. Some of the numbers among the youngest group
are rather high, leading to me questioning the lack of limits enforced by
parents in this field.

As of the longest session, this typically occur when a guild have mobilized
members to do an end game dungeon. Most guilds tend to do this on weekends.
Usually, it starts around 7 am and goes on until around midnight. This is
typical for the more serious player, and something that comes with age.

Why do they play?

The responders were offered the opportunity
to state their reasons for playing, Appendix 2.

Most of the responders play for fun, when not having anything else to do or to
play with friends. Some also states it as an escape from reality.

One interesting answer: To spend time with my boyfriend, reminds me of a
friend I grew up with. He was so preoccupied with his car; his girlfriend had
to crawl under the car to spend time with him.

Positive aspects of the game: Always something to do. Always someone to play
with.  A big world to explore. Meet people from all over Europe.

They have other hobbies as well

It seems that the players of WoW have other
hobbies and past times as well, Appendix 3. The answers show a variety
of other interests. As stated earlier, the main group is the youngest, and the
interests reflect this. They seem occupied with all the past times of their age
group, in spite of the time they spend on WoW.

As for the questions about addiction and
attitudes, which were very leading all but 2 answered that “Real
Life” experiences was more important than playing the game. But, a great
number of the responders had, at one time, chosen WoW over real life
obligations. A third of the responders thought of themselves as addicted, and a
somewhat higher number among them admitted to addiction at some time in their
gaming career. Held against average play time, this is probably because they
really don’t want to quit playing the game, more than a real addiction as we
know it.

In numbers; work or school takes up an
average of 6.5 hours of the day, while other hobbies occupy 2.8 hours in average.


Even though the numbers of respondents is
rather low, and there are some questions about reliability and validity, after
filtering the answers, I feel there is possible to come to some conclusions.

On the survey itself, it seems to me that
players of WoW are typical youngsters with a range of interests. They do spend
a good deal of time on the game, but that is in the game’s nature and they seem
to have a range of other interests as well. In perspective, a hobby does
require time. In Norway, a person pursuing cross country skiing is not
considered addicted, even if he/she spends several hours a day on this. Gaming
is a new media, and as such is viewed with skepticism by the older generation.
This said, there are respondents in the survey that spends an unhealthy amount
of time on the game, and admits to having no other interests what so ever. This
is probably more a question of a lack of parental guidance and control, than
the game itself.

As for method, this has given me insight
which will be of great value, should I include this in a master study.

The tool itself should be mastered to a greater
degree, giving the opportunity to refine the survey and making it better.

Measures should be taken to get more
respondents. I’m really not sure how to go about this, but cooperation from
Blizzard would surely help.

The survey should be more refined, with a higher
degree of multiple choices and precalibrated answers instead of free input, as
this was a source of faulty answers. It would also allow me to extract more
relevant data from the survey in an easier way.

All in all I find it rather safe to
conclude that most World of WarCraft players have a life.




·       Official World of Warcraft site, Europe:

·       Blizzard Company site:

·       Gamasutra, The Art & Business of Making Games:

·       Limesurvey:


Grønmo, Sigmund, Samfunnsvitenskapelige metoder Fagbokforlget 2004



Appendix 1.  The survey

WoW SurveyA survey on time spent on World of Warcraft and other hobbies.
Section 1: About youJust the basic info
* 01: How old are you?
Please choose one of the following:  12-15
16-20  21-25
26-30  31-40

* 04: Gender
Please choose one of the following:  Female

* 05: Living situation
Young free and single or tied up with someone?
Please choose one of the following:  Single
have a girl-/boyfriend  married or living with

* 02: Country of origin:
Where are you from?
Please write your answer here:

* 03: Main occupation
Please choose one of the following:  Steady job
Part time job  Unemplyed
Student at college or univerity  Pupil at ordinary school
Full time WoW-player

Section 2: How I playWhat parts of the game interests you
* 06: When did you start playing World of WarCraft?
Please enter a date: 

02: How much /played time on main char? Only days!
How many days show up when you  type /played in the chat
Please write your answer here: 

* 08: How many lvl 70+ chars do you have?
Please choose one of the following:  1
10 or more

* 08: Mian interest in game?
Please choose one of the following:  PvP
PvE  Both

* 10: What faction?
Please choose one of the following:  Horde

* 10: What class is your main char?
Leaving Death Knight out for now.
Please choose one of the following:  Warrior
Mage  Priest
Palladin  Shaman
Druid  Warlock
Hunter  Rogue

* 08: What is the highest raid dungeon you’ve finished in
Burning Crusade?
Please leave out any accomlishments after the 3.02 patch.Order is to my best knowledge.
Please choose one of the following:  Karazhan
Magtheridon’s lair  Gruul’s lair
Zul’Aman  Serpentshrine Caverns
Tempest Keep: The Eye  Hyjal Summit
Black Temple  Sunwell Plateau

Section 3: Time playedHow much time you spend in Azeroth
* 13: How often do you play?
Please choose one of the following:  Every day
4-6 days a week  1-3 days a week

* 14: What is your longest session in a typical week?
Meaning longest session from logging in until logging out. Even
if you play several times in a day.In Hours please.1 hour 30mins = 1,5 hours15 mins = 0,25 hours

30 mins = 0,5 hours

45 mins = 0,75 hours

Please write your answer here: 

* 15: What would you say is your average play time per day
during a typical week?
In Hours please.1 hour 30mins = 1,5 hours

15 mins = 0,25 hours

30 mins = 0,5 hours

45 mins = 0,75 hours

Please write your answer here: 

* 16: How long did you play yesterday?
Please write your answer here: 

Section 4: Other interestsWhat do you do when not in Azeroth
* 41: Do you have any other hobbies or interests beside WoW?
Please describe:
You have to write something.Football will do, for example
Please write your answer here:

* 42: Try describing why you play WoW:
You have to write something.Single words will do of course.
Please write your answer here:

Section 5: Time spent on other interestsHow much time you spend outside Azeroth
* 51: How much time do you spend on work/school in an average
In Hours please.1 hour 30mins = 1,5 hours

15 mins = 0,25 hours

30 mins = 0,5 hours

45 mins = 0,75 hours

Please write your answer here: 

* 52: How much of your spare time goes to other interests, such
as hobbies, sports or excercise?
In Hours please.1 hour 30mins = 1,5 hours

15 mins = 0,25 hours

30 mins = 0,5 hours

45 mins = 0,75 hours

Please write your answer here: 

53: You may want to add something here:
This was really a hard section to work out questions for, feel
free to add something here. Optional of course.
Please write your answer here:

Section 6: AdditionalSome questions about your priorities
* 61: Chosing between a RL experience with good friends and
playing WoW, I would choose…
Please choose one of the following:  Real life
World of WarCraft

* 62: I have, on one or more occations chosen to play WoW
instead of going to school/work/other RL obligations.
Please choose one of the following:  Yes

63: I sometimes feel addicted to WoW
Please choose one of the following:  Yes

64: I am addicted to WoW
Please choose one of the following:  Yes

* 65: I would call my guild:
Please choose one of the following:  Hard Core, we set high
goals, and reach them
Pretentious, we set high
goals but fail  Social/casual, we play to
meet friends and have fun

Section 7: End of surveyThis is it, you can leave your e-mail if you’re willing to answer additional
questions, and add a comment if you have an opinion on the survey.
71: Anything you like to add, comments on the questions asked, did
I miss something? 
Feel free to add your comment here:
Please write your answer here:

72: I may want to ask some participants additional questions. If
you are willing to answer any questions by e-mail, leave it here:
Optional, of course. Will be treated in a confidentila manner.
Please write your answer here: 

Submit your survey.Thank you for completing this survey..



Appendix 2. Why do you play WoW

1 Friends and fun, Getting epics
2 To spend time with my boyfriend
3 I have friends who play it and it’s
fun =)
4 fun
5 Relaxing, doing stuff with family,
getting away from work
6 I have no life!
7 i enjoy the social aspect a lot, but
also enjoy exploring the world, and trying out new classes / builds
9 Total immersion, loss of reality,
great social aspect, and the competition keeps it fun.
10 Enjoyable Socially retarded
11 It’s fun to interact with other
people in-game, and i love the lore/story behind WoW.
12 it is addictive and fun.
15 When no friends have time to play/do
16 Because I have nothing better to do
17 Takes away stress.
18 Let time go by
19 Social
20 get away from boredom
22 i enjoy it alot, its fun and
something to do when bored
23 its fun
24 mustly for the pve and just to pass
25 i like melting faces
28 First of all i play WoW cause one of
mine first pc games i started to play was warcraft 2 and i really loved
everything about that game;lore,gameplay, fact that is RTS game. Also in WoW
i found some nice persons so that’s one more reason i still play it, even
sometimes it get a bit boring and there is nothing to do.
30 You always have something to do in
wow, which makes it fun
31 Friends play it so i play it
32 its fun
33 For fun, and for an escape. Same
reason why people play any game.
34 It’s a good game to play when I’m
home doing nothing special. Previously the game meant a lot to me and I
played it a lot, but now I only play it some times. Right now I don’t even
pay for the subscription. The game is very fun when played with friends.
35 Makes the time run away faster
37 I play WoW for leisure and also have
a group of friends on there. Sometimes it’s a good escape from reality.
39 its a fun way to pass the time :) if
i didn’t play wow i’d just waste my time on something else
41 for fun
43 Having lots of fun, socializing with
lots of other people from a different environment, many of them that i would
have never met if i wasn’t playing.
44 Nothing better to do . Its also quite
addictive , more you play cause you don’t have anything else to do at the
time . Or can’t be arsed .
46 An entertaining game and you’re also
social to some extent while playing it.
47 its fun?
48 Spending time with friends.
50 I enjoy the RP aspect of the game. I
also like the occasional PVP and PVE, but the main reason I play is the
awesomeee community.
51 because I’m a sad lonely fuck with
nothing to do in the real world
52 For fun
53 Cos I like the social aspect and the
feeling of accomplishment you get from downing a new boss etc.
54 for the large community, and cause of
its addictivness, I always have to be best and this keeps pushing me.
55 I enjoy it.
56 Escapism Guildmates Fun challenges
and storylines
57 It’s fun, keep in touch with my
friends who got me into this.
58 Fun Good pass time Socialise on it
Met some of my RL friends on it :o
59 FUN ! Can play with friends and shizz
62 Addict, simple term to describe it
63 Because I like it, I enjoy playing it
65 for fun
66 Well…Escapism is awesome. And so is
67 Social aspect, something to do, your
68 to get away from the real world
69 hobby. use overfloading time
70 Well I quit some time back now. But I
used to play because I thought it was fun I guess. Becoming the best getting
noticed was also a major factor.
71 boredom
72 entertainment what else is a game
73 because its awesome .
74 Filling up time, Enjoying the game,
and I am addicted i just know it :)
76 I play for to lore and with friends
77 Enjoyable, passes time.
78 -Most of my friends play it -It’s the
best MMORPG out there
79 I like the lore, exploring the world,
the social part is also quite fun, most of the guild mates I know IRL. I also
play when sometimes I want a more slow paced game
80 Its fun. The amount and variety of
people playing it is amazing. The story line is great and its always
81 Pass the time
82 To get away from the normal things in
life and just because it’s a nice game.
83 Boredom.
84 Fun and challenging game. Can do
whatever you want without feeling any pressure
85 I enjoy questing, and exploring!
87 Because i cant quit.
88 Because it’s the only game that keeps
me playing for a long time and it also allows me to play with friends when
i’m at home
89 I really love it, and I have made a
lot of friends from all over Europe :) I also like MMORPGs, and this is one
of the main reasons I’ve been playing WoW for all this time.
90 Relaxing, fun, takes up a lot of time
91 It is a World Of Joy :-)
92 I play WoW because I find it funny,
and it’s fun to grow stronger for each level and getting better and cooler
gear. I am also having fun playing with my IRL friends in there.
93 I find it a fun game.
94 Nothing better to do really
96 some IRL friends and boyfriend play,
and nice to relax with after a stressful day at work.
97 Takes my mind off my shitty life
99 i really enjoy the arena system +
having a guild progressing in PVE content
100 Fun, friends.
101 It passes the time
102 Because it is fun and it offers a
challenge and it doesn’t makes me think about real life
103 It gets me out of RL. Something to
104 Because I enjoy playing wow.
105 I enjoy challenges and setting goals,
and besting other people.
106 Its fun and better than hanging
around streets, maybe addictive :)
107 kills a good hour or two in the day
108 i enjoy it i have friends on it
109 As something to do in my spare time.
110 Because my guildies are pure awesome
111 fun.
112 Amusement Social factor Do things
113 because i like the game
114 maybe because i know how to play,
don’t know.
116 Social factors and it’s fun
118 Because it’s an Mmorpg, i love
mmorpg’s ;)
119 I am addicted
120 To kill time when its boring normal
working day.
121 fun
122 I enjoy RPG’s and this was the next
step for me
123 Fun! Love games, and WOW is the best
one I’ve tried. The fact that you compete and cooperate with thousands of
others, always some things to do
124 Enjoying not having any obligations
IRL and wasting my time on mindless fun.
125 well i got nothing better to do when
i come from school i do my homework do a little studiyig then im starting to
get bored
126 Fills up my free time – i cut down
alot i used to play as a hobby + free time (all day on weekends type thing)
127 Alot of my friends play it and its
good to pass the time
128 irl friends got me playing wow so we
play wow together, my sisters also play wow… pretty much everyone i know
plays wow lol
129 it’s fun
130 It’s fun.
132 something to do when im bored and for
133 It is fun and is a great place to
meet people.
134 I find it a fun game which fills my
time properly
135 It’s a good timefiller and I enjoy
the social part
136 bored live in the country and cant
138 Competitive arena, socializing
purposes(friends etc.), find PvE pretty good.
139 It’s fun to play with friends.
140 It´s fun
142 for fun, i try to play for the
raiding, but in oredr to raid i must get gear etc. which requires alot of
time, im in it for the raids nothing else
145 I’m addicted again, after almost a
year off. It’s fun, I want to explore the new continen of Northerend. Also I
missed my main character, whom i “fell in love with”.
146 Just for fun, not to achieve anything
147 interests me, i find it fun and like
what the game has to offer
148 Friends online.
150 For fun and to chat with distant
cousins uncles and such
152 i like it but mostly is a habbit, an
“addiction” in some way…but not at all,it is very enjoyable
153 because i dont have much better to do
and i have alot of frieds on WoW
154 for a laugh? something to do? meh
something like that anyway
155 its fun
156 I find it nice to play game where
people all over Europe are in a “same place” at same time. Also,
this game is not restricted to a single type of gameplay.
157 I like gaming and most of my friends
play wow and we group up and have a good time.
158 I play wow cause its fun, my friends
play, its nice to have something to spend time on when i am bored
To escape from the realism of how
shitty the world really is
161 Addicted
162 It’s an awesome game and i learrn
alot of english from it.
163 cus it pwns and im addicted
165 I started because I’ve always been a
fan of the warcraft games and lore. The main reason I kept on playing is probably
the guild I ended up in. I’ve met most of the people in it and it’s fun to
tackle new instances together with them.
166 it’s amusing
167 Bored, I’d just fill in my time
playing something else if it wasn’t for WoW.
171 because it gives me fun
172 Entertainment
174 I don’t play it anymore.
175 Friends, Raiding, PvP.
176 Fun
177 because i am addicted to it, i want
to quit but i can’t
178 It’s an awesome game!

Lime Survey

Versjon 1.72 (5737)



Appendix 3. Other

1 Table Tennis
2 Drawing, movies, painting
3 Basketball and volleyball.
4 Internet, Film, Friends, socialising.
5 Electronics, Astronomy, Capentry
6 School
7 movies tv walking cycling cooking
9 going out drinking and such, I also
enjoy watching many films and also play many different games than WoW And
discussing things on forums!
10 Snowboarding Traveling Film & TV
11 Go to metal concerts, hang out with
my friends. No sport, i hate sport >:b
12 Socialising
15 Waterpolo, and football, im a very
sporty guy :P.
16 Not really
17 Shopping, dancing…
18 Football
19 my dog, billiards and everything with
computers in general
20 tv
22 friends
23 music, beer, friends, my daughter
24 I play bass
25 football and drinking with pals,
music going to music festivals, sex
28 playing basketball, love to watch
good movies from time to time. Also i’m one of those people that likes to
make stuff;for example hi-fi amplifiers,speakers, everything that is related
with electronic and some other house improvements.
30 Music sports
31 Girlfriend,friends,drinking?,dance
clubs mainly i get home at 3 in the night tired has crap
32 like football
33 Horse riding, rock climbing, running
34 In these days I’m doing: Going to
school, doing my homework, going to work, trying to find out why my
girlfriend left me, hang out with friends, a bit partying
35 Party, training
37 Drinking with Friends at the weekend.
Drawing. Writing. Play Bass Guitar.
39 music, mountainbiking, heavy drinking
40 Golf Philosophy American Football
Working out Reading TV, SCHOOL, LOLING
41 -
43 Guitar,girlfriend,music
collector,table tennis..
44 Playing the guitar . Playing the
piano . Playing on the xbox . Watching movies . Being bored out of my mind .
45 Nope
46 Rugby, Colonial History, Geography,
and just hanging out with friends
47 socialising
48 walking
50 Dancing, acting, music
51 TV
52 Hockey
53 Clubbing,Hockey,Television,Music
54 Hanging with my friend, guitar
playing, travelling
55 Watching tv, drinking.
56 Work Sleep Study Reading Taxi son
around for his after-school clubs
57 Football
58 Sports: Rugby Hobbies: Go out with
friends on weekends
59 Trampolining Clubbing School (Oh joy)
Going out
60 thaiboxer
62 Beside work, frinds and a good night
in the pub with ‘em.
63 Writing, football, riding a bike,
65 guitaring mostly
66 Martial arts, playing music
67 Football, friends, your mum
68 guitar work movies
69 tv
70 Football Working out Friends Movies
71 Cakes, basketball.
72 Music production sports (football)
Relaxing with friends
73 no
74 Most of the time not playing wow im
spending time with my girlfriend. And then WoW is out of my mind when I’m
with here. For the rest out of school I got a parttime job at a store 2
evenings(so no raiding all week ^^)
76 Roleplay Movies Reading
77 motorsports drinking
78 Warhammer (miniature game) TV Tennis
79 reading, going out with friends,
sports (football and swining)
80 Reading, MSN, watching films
81 TV
82 Playing Hockey
83 Friends, other games (FPS/RPG
multiplayer pref), football.
84 Friends, school
85 Read, Televison, music, work, help
with the house
87 Football
88 Trading card games, other computer
games, reading
89 I love reading mangas, going to the
cinema, playing videogames (Xbox 360 etc) with friends.
90 Music, going out with friends
91 Hanging out with friends
92 I am playing football, studying and a
lot of partys with my friends in the weekend.
93 Chess.
94 Working, I have fun in working ;)
96 hanging out with friends
97 Nothing….school if it counts
99 Football i used to play for a local
club, i like certain PS3 games and going out with my friends
100 Basket, friends, GF, lots of other
101 Jogging
102 Field Hockey
103 School, hanging with friends. My RL
isn’t about WoW. But when i’m not doing anything I play WoW all day.
104 watching series
105 BMxing, DJing, partying, music,
106 Nope, but i have alot of schoolwork
to do and im sort of nearly in a relationship with a girl i know (which takes
alot of time)
107 football, weights, clubbin, sex
108 cadets school girlfriend
109 Music, cycling, watching films,
writing books, computer graphics
110 School choir, musical instrument,
spinning, knitting, chemistry, basketweaving, stagefighting.
111 Spending time with friends and such
112 Music
113 school
114 NO i don’t have any other hobbies or
116 Gf
118 Sports, other games, going out
119 Hunting, Fishing, Cruising (with car)
120 Friends, and my girlfriend. on
Weekends i like to go out.
121 Friends
122 Gym Tai Chi cooking
123 Poker, Movies/TV, Board/cardgames
124 No
125 volley ball basket ball foot ball
126 Going out with friends, other
computer stuff, music, coursework
127 Warhammer online Xbox 360 Friends
Football I lead a busy life :D
128 school, work
129 Friends Movies Cars Stand-up
130 Guitar, sports (volleybal), going out
with friends, girls and such.
132 sleeping D:
133 Sport, Going out, Other games.
134 Football, Watching movies and hanging
135 Hockey Friends Xbox with mates
136 badminton cycling climbing
138 Nope, have given up most other things
for WoW but slowly coming to my sense and getting bored of WoW.
139 I sing, and hang out with my friends.
I also try and learn the Bass :P
140 Magic tricks, tennis
142 i play lots of sport, and hang out
with friends
145 Go to the gym, lift some weights.
Yesterday I set a new record, four repetitions with 80kg at the bench. I
enjoy spending time with friends, sitting arround chatting, while playing
guitar hero, eating some snacks.
146 Soccer Friends Party Squash Sports in
147 going out with friends, xbox, a few
sports etc
148 Golf.
150 Basketball, Handball, Ruby aka
american football, music and computer
152 watching films,meeting friends…not
something special about hobbies and such..
153 nope
154 Warhammer 40k intrest in making mods
for games porn .. ofc
155 warhammer tabletop game roleplay
games writer
156 Friends, other games, band activity,
going to a bar at weekends, gym
157 Crafting and New age learning
158 Snowblades,Snowboard
159 guitar,football,going out with
friends,socializing,nights in with gf..
161 Reading
162 Guitar
163 fitness soccer bars beer movies
friends girls
165 Friends, sports, films, music etc
166 writing guitar drinking
167 going outside with friends, school,
walking, sometimes running, normal stuff I guess.
171 football, girlfriend
172 Talking to friends
174 Sport, work, chicks, go out, hang out
with mates, watch a film etc.
175 school
176 Friends
177 playing guitar movies other video
games hanging out with friends
178 Football Volleyball Squash Girlfriend

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